How to clean sofas

Sofa Types and How to Clean Them

What is a sofa?

A sofa is usually a long upholstered seat, with arm rests on both sides (or just one side) and a back. A sofa is long enough for 2 people or more. In some places, a two person sofa would be defined as a loveseat (cuddle up!), while a regular sofa is 3 or more seats. Some sofas are designed in sections, that can be used separately, and these are called sectionals. Sectionals usually have 4 or more seats, and are in most cases designed to fit corners in a 90 degree angle.

More sofa types than you imagine!

There are lots of sofa types in the world. Some of the names you might be familiar with, but some are totally unknown. Aside from the aforementioned sofa, loveseat and sectional, there are also:

And the last one, which is really unbelievable is: Sofa Bunk Bed!

Of course, each one of those can be designed in numerous design styles - from antique, to modern and even futuristic (sofa bunk bed, imagine that!). There are also a variety of materials used for sofa - available at your choice: fabric (which can be cotton or synthetic), leather, PU leather (fake leather), and even vinyl (which is plastic).

For each type of sofa and material there is a different process to be executed. Materials used for a modern fabric sofa cannot be used for a leather loveseat, not to mention cleaning mattresses of futons and daybeds which is usually a bit more demanding.

Choose the right cleaner

The furniture cleaning process may be somewhat similar for all types of sofas, but you should ask your upholstery cleaner if he's familiar with the sofa type, and the sofa's material. If he's not sure, you should call upholstery cleaning professionals like UCM Upholstery Cleaning.

We know how to treat your furniture just the right way, making it cleaner than ever and making its life span longer.

We know how to attend to every corner, seam and material in your sofa. We'll make sure your sofa looks clean and fresh, remove odors and even apply protector (if asked) to prevent future stains and make the next cleaning easier.

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