Correct Maintenance and use of accent furniture

The Correct Maintenance and Use of Accent Furniture

Accent furniture is one of those things that's really hard to crack. Put the right item in the right place, and choose the right design and color. Accent upholstery provides more than just another seating place, they add color, style and really can change the whole room.

Using Accent Furniture and keeping it clean:

Accent Chairs:

accent chairs are a one seat item, in various designs. From the modern Slipper Chair, to the classic Club Chair, the antique looking Bergère Chair with its wooden frame, or the super noticeable Wing-back Accent Chair, with a presence spotted right as you enter a room.

Accent Chairs can be located in different places. Sometimes they form their own space, when placed on a rug with a coffee table in between. In some cases, they'll be an item that adds a style to the bedroom or study, and in some cases they'll just be placed in front of the fireplace, making it a great place for reading a good book with hot chocolate during winter.

Cleaning Accent Chairs: Though every accent chair is different by style and material, they still have similar maintenance and cleaning processes. Regular cleaning is suggested, with dry cloth wiping and an occasional vacuum every week or two. UCM Upholstery Cleaning recommends an annual professional cleaning for accent chairs, or even twice a year if the accent chairs are used constantly. You can also read more on cleaning fabric accent chairs, if you have fabric accent furniture. There is also more information on cleaning leather accent chairs.

Accent Benches:

There is a wide variety of accent benches out there. Whether you chose an upholstered accent bench or a wooden storage bench, they add a great touch. These benches can be used as a design piece in the hallway, and useful make-up table accessory or just another seating option in your living room (not to mention the storage space it may hold).

In addition to accent benches, sometimes people use ottomans for accent to a room, which are basically a one seat accent bench.

Cleaning Accent Benches: Accent benches cleaning is really simple in most cases. A weekly vacuum (or dry cloth wiping) will do wonders to its maintenance. Of course, if you use it often, have any spills on it, or it just looks dull - maybe it's time for a professional cleaning to rejuvenate its looks. If you have a wooden or leather accent bench, applying a coat of the right cleaning solvent can keep the great look, and even add a protective layer to prevent damages.

Accent Tables & Drawers:

Accent tables & drawers come in many shapes, sizes and colors. In the accent tables section, there are side tables, end tables, console table, coffee tables and may other styles you can use in your home. In the accent drawers section, you can find the nightstand, the drawer end table (mixing tables and drawers, what an idea), drawer console and several more.

Accent tables and drawers are made (in most cases) of wood, and probably coated with paint or wood lacquer. That means they do not require a professional cleaning in most cases (unless your dog chewed the paint off), and you can use a wet cloth to wipe of dust, and then a dry cloth. You can also apply a protectant to prolong the wood's life span.

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