Mattress cleaning in Houston TX

Would You Sleep on a Dirty Mattress?

When was the last time your mattress was cleaned? Probably longer than you can remember. A mattress is something that is often ignored when thinking about cleaning, but it shouldn't be - it should be one of your first priorities.

We spend a third of our life in bed, so why not make sure it's nice, clean and fresh over the surface and under it as well? You replace the sheets every few days (we hope), which takes care of the dust mite and skin on the surface. But about the soil, dust and other contaminants going under the surface and into your mattress?

Our guess? You are sleeping on a dirty mattress. You probably didn't even know the service exists, and you're now in a "eureka" moment, thinking how could you have missed it. A simple cleaning process taking less than an hour and would make your life a whole lot healthier.

Futons and convertible beds cleaning in Houston TX

What about Futons, Convertible Sofas and Sleeper Sofas?

Those are usually in even worse shape than your mattress. While you sleep constantly on your bed and hopefully remember to change the sheets, the sleeper sofa or futon probably doesn't have sheets on it at all times, thus collecting dust, soil and dirt from all the surrounding.

Would you sleep on a dirty mattress that has never been cleaned? Then why are you letting your guests sleep on a dirty sleeper sofa mattress? To have your convertible sofa or futon cleaned (and your mattress, while you're at it) call UCM Upholstery Service at 832-220-3399. We'll make sure you provide a clean place to sleep for your guests, and for yourself.

While we're there, we can take care of any other items which requires professional cleaning, including carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, and any upholstered furniture cleaning you may need.

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