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Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning by UCM Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning rugs is very different from carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning. Oriental and area rugs are much more delicate, especially the expensive ones. After years of professional cleaning of different fabrics and qualities, UCM Upholstery Cleaning is more than qualified to take care of your most beloved rugs. We provide each rug the personal attention it deserves, as if it were our own.

Keep Your Rugs for Generations

Proper rug maintenance can make a huge difference in your rug's life span. Using the proper cleaning methods and the right cleaning solutions can make your rug last a lifetime and then a little more. A well maintained rug can be eventually passed to your grandchildren. Imagine that.

To keep your rug in good condition, it's important to keep it on a cleaning schedule. Not only a simple vacuum or casual airing out, but a professional cleaning schedule, which will keep the dirt away and your rug's fibers in great condition. Professional rug cleaning will make your rugs' colors keep their brightness, and avoid wear and tear over time, especially if the rug is in a high traffic area.

We Clean Deep into Your Rugs.

A professional rug cleaning, with state of the art equipment like UCM Upholstery Cleaning uses, will clean your rugs deep and thorough. The hot water extraction and special detergents used by UCM Upholstery Cleaning will clean your rugs' fibers and get our all the dirt and dust which may have been stuck in there for years.

At Your Home or at Our Workshop

We offer onsite cleaning for rugs, as well as a more thorough treatment at our rug workshop (if needed). If we can't clean the rug at your home, we will pick it up and deliver it back clean and spotless to your home, at no cost. That's right - free pickup and delivery.

How Much Will the Rug Cleaning Cost?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact price. Every rug is different. Its fabric, its condition, the rug's type - every rug is unique and would require a unique treatment for it specifically. If you want to get an estimate for your rug cleaning, you're more than welcome to contact us by phone (832-220-3399) or by filling out UCM Upholstery Cleaning contact form. We also provide a free onsite estimate - with no commitment on your side.

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