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Upholstery Cleaning in Rosenberg, TX

Rosenberg, TX is located in the southwest area of greater Houston, next to the city of Richmond. As a small town, most of the people commute to nearby cities like Sugar Land or Downtown Houston. UCM Upholstery Cleaning located in Sugar Land TX provides professional furniture and carpet cleaning for the past decade, and would be happy to help you too! If you're interested, just call: 832-220-3399 and we'd be more than happy to assist.

Being familiar with the weather in Rosenberg, TX, we know how humid it can get. Humidity and warm weather can be nice, but it can also create mold growth, especially if there was water damage or in absorbing materials such as fabric furniture and upholstery. Fabric sofas and couches tend to accumulate dirt and sweat, even if these are not visible on the surface. If you haven't cleaned your furniture and carpets in the past year, we'd strongly suggest you do so. It will not only refresh your home and furniture, it will also prolong their life span and keep them new for longer periods.

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