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The central business district of Houston is one of the busiest parts of town, and for a good reason. Not only do people live there, it's also a central area of employment. Downtown Houston is known for its tunnels and skywalks, hosting many of the city's businesses of leisure, such as shops, restaurants and more.

The district is made of several sub-districts, each with its own characteristics. The Historic district is the original town center of Houston, dating back to the 19th century. The Ballpark and the Skyline districts are main office areas, and the Ballpark is also home to many restaurants. The Civic Center is where all government offices and city hall are located. The city hall used to be located in the Historic district, but no more. Read more about: the Houston Downtown district

There are also cultural districts such as the Warehouse and the Theater districts, which include places of art (both alternative and mainstream), places to eat, and lots of artists' studios which are sometimes open for the crowd. Other districts include the Harris County with the Harris County courts, the Convention district with its convention halls, and business hotels, and the Medical district which includes St. Joseph Medical Center & residential properties.

If you are a resident of Downtown Houston or a property manager of one of the many properties in Downtown Houston looking to clean the upholstery or carpets, UCM Upholstery Houston is the right company to call. We provide service to residential and commercial clients, at high quality and a true value for your money. We have vast experience, ranging from small residential cleaning to huge commercial cleaning of carpets and office furniture.

Want to hear more about our cleaning services in Downtown Houston TX? Give us a call at 832-220-3399 and we'd be more than happy to talk, explain and provide a free onsite estimate at your location.

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